About Us

DB Breweries is one of the most well known companies in New Zealand.

Think beer and DB immediately springs to mind. For years, men were either DB or Lion men, thanks largely to their father’s drop of choice. These days, consumers have far greater choice but many remain loyal to DB and our increasing range of great beer and cider.

Like every other brewer in the country, DB started from humble beginnings. Our first home, and that of our present Waitemata Brewery, was open farmland in Otahuhu, Auckland. The year was 1929; it was the end of the Roaring Twenties and the start of the Great Depression. 

Fortunately our founder, W Joseph Coutts and his three sons, held true to their vision and Dominion Breweries (now DB Breweries) was born a year later with Sir Henry Kelliher at the helm as managing director.

When W Joseph Coutts passed away in 1946, his son Morton took over as director of Dominion Breweries while remaining heavily involved with his two passions – brewing and innovation.  He remained involved with DB until his passing, aged 100 in 2004. 

Long-standing tenure such as Morton’s is a common in our company. Chairman Leonard Stevens held his position from 1933 until his death nearly 40 years later in 1972. Since then we’ve had ample staff retire after 40, even 45 years. 

Current managing director, Peter Simons heads up a small knit team of 500 spread across the country, flying the DB flag with pride. We’re equally proud to be a part of one of New Zealand’s most recognised companies and enjoying Kiwis enjoy quality beer and cider, in moderation and in a range of settings, everyday of the year.