DB’s Vision and Values

Blending the best of our past with our exciting future

The DB TeamThere is something special about DB. Lots of people say it. DB employees know it. And it has a lot to do with our Vision and Values.

DB’s Vision is to be New Zealand's premium beer and cider company, famous for inspiring everyday connections and pioneering sustainability. 

The DB Spirit is an important part of what gives DB the X-factor - we choose to live every day with it in our outlook and actions to realise our Vision.

The DB spirit originates from the legendary Morton Coutts OBE who always challenged the impossible. He embodies our spirit of innovation and demonstrated this throughout his career as a brewing genius whose breakthroughs revolutionised the brewing industry from the 1950s onwards. Morton’s significant achievements continue to flow through DB’s DNA today and make this company so special.

Living the legendary DB spirit is best achieved through our three Values that are aligned with HEINEKEN:

Passion for Quality
From the very beginning, HEINEKEN, like DB, has placed the utmost importance on quality. We are inspired by consumers to brew the best beers and ciders, and extend that passion to all of our brands, products, and activities. This dedication shapes everything we do, from growing our brand portfolio to delighting customers and consumers through innovation. It is why we invest in our people, technology, and the continuous improvement of our organisation and operations.

Respect for People and for the Planet
We are committed to our communities and strive to considerably improve the impact we make on the planet. This means that we respect human rights, and treat the people and places around us with the greatest degree of care. We adhere to the laws and regulations of each of our local markets. We also draw strength from the difference between people and culture. The responsibility we feel for our surroundings has shaped our responsible alcohol, social, and environmental practices.

Enjoyment of Life 
The HEINEKEN Company brings people together to make life more enjoyable. We bring joy to consumers through the responsible promotion of our products, and the sponsorship of events that are important to them. Our company culture reflects our three values: people enjoy working for our company because of our heritage, our world-class brands, and our passionate colleagues.