Drink Savvy

drink savvyDrink-Savvy, www.drink-savvy.com is a website dedicated to promoting and educating the public on responsible drinking.

This Tiger Beer inititative is the first of its kind by an Asian brewer and aims to actively encourage stakeholders in the Asia Pacific region to drink responsibly.

Drink-Savvy.com features bite-size factoids about alcohol and its effects on the body through the section, ‘Alcohol Savvy’ as well as practical advice on drinking responsibly via ‘Savvy Tips’.

Apart from garnering active consumer involvement, Tiger Beer has worked with different stakeholders such as industry partners, government bodies and key opinion leaders to promote responsible drinking in the Asia Pacific. The support for the cause by these long-standing partners is evident in Drink-Savvy.com where they hope to inspire more to drink responsibly with their contributions to the ‘Savvy Locator’ section which showcases savvy drinkers and how, through various creative ways, they have helped encourage responsible drinking in the region.

Drink-Savvy.com also features the various local initiatives that educate and promote responsible consumption in the Asia Pacific.

All of the Heineken breweries in the Asia Pacific region are involved and committed to Drink-Savvy.com including DB Breweries.

Drink-Savvy.com is in English and is also available in Mongolian and Vietnamese.