History of Cider

Some Interesting Facts

While it’s largely agreed that apple tress existed as early as 1300BC, it’s not until the Romans arrived in England in 55BC that records reference Kentish villagers drinking a delicious cider-like beverage.
While its popularity has ebbed and flowed over the centuries, we believe that the launch of Old Mout cider in 1947 began the renaissance in New Zealand.

Today, cider is the fastest growing alcohol category in New Zealand and DB operates the only dedicated cidery in the country – Redwood Cidery in Nelson.

  • Romans tasted cider for the first time and Caesar was a fan! 

  • The Normans invade England & popularise cider.

  • First documented production in the UK is by monks! 

  • Children were baptised in cider as it was cleaner than the water!

  • The English Prime Minister imposes a tax on cider - they burned effigies!

  • Captain Cook carried cider to fight scurvy. Was this the start of the Aus/NZ love affair with cider?

  • Old Mout cider was born soon after Wanda & Giff Tait do a tour of the UK and discover scrumpy.

  • The current Redwood cider press house was built – suddenly, Nelson’s fruit was becoming far more useful.