A network of joy

Way back in 2008, JAG Hospitality Ltd came together with DB Breweries to conceive Joylab (previously Barworks Hospitality Group) - a good idea shared over a couple of cold ones, which gave birth to one of New Zealand’s largest hospitality companies. Fast forward ten years and you’ll find that Joylab has become something so much more - an extraordinary community of over 20 top-notch bars, restaurants, and gastropubs dotted across Auckland’s neighbourhoods.
Joylab’s not in the business of running bars - they’re in the business of bringing people together for moments of joy - good times, quenching thirsts, and satiating appetites. What unifies all Joylab establishments is the desire to make people happy.

Since the beginning, the partnership has been a winning combo that goes together like pizza and beer; Joylab’s entrepreneurial spirit with DB’s guidance and commercial backing. This unique partnership has allowed Joylab to keep growing over the years, and to continue pouring DB’s award-winning portfolio of premium and New Zealand crafted beers.