Amber McEwen

Director, Corporate Affairs

Amber was appointed as DB’s Corporate Affairs Director in 2017, having started with DB in 2014 as External Relations Manager. She is a solutions-oriented, results-driven leader, with over 14 years’ experience in communications, PR and public affairs, across both consultancy and in-house roles.
Since joining DB, Amber has played an integral role in embedding sustainability as a strategic priority for the company, demonstrating her passion for people and the natural environment. She also believes in taking an active role in shaping our drinking culture and leading the moderation agenda for DB.
Outside of work, Amber enjoys the great outdoors, trying new food, cafes and restaurants (raw food, cronuts, smoothie bowls, freak shakes … you name it, she’s tried it), and staying fit – particularly through kick boxing.
Amber’s beer of choice is DB Export 33.