Karyn O’Loughlin

General Counsel

Karyn O’Loughlin is DB’s General Counsel and has been with DB since October 2017. She was previously a partner at a mid-sized law firm, before moving the focus of her career to that of an in-house counsel. Prior to joining DB she spent four years as Senior Legal Counsel at McDonald’s New Zealand head office.  
Karyn prides herself on providing high quality pragmatic commercial advice to all areas of the business, and enjoys the fast-paced environment within which DB operates.  Since joining DB, she has made valuable contributions to the integration of Tuatara into the business and has been instrumental in enhancing DB’s commercial interests across numerous projects and initiatives. 
Outside of work, Karyn enjoys spending time with her family supporting her children’s numerous activities, or spending time in the company of friends exploring new places.  
She likes to unwind with an ice cold cider.