Double Brown

Double Brown is a popular full-flavoured brown beer. Available in distinct cans, Double Brown is a reasonably priced beer typically enjoyed by mates in a variety of settings. 

Ingredients: Water, malted barley, sugar*, hops, caramel**, hop extract.
Allergens: Contains gluten from barley. 
*Sugar can often be added to beer to add flavour and body. Don’t worry, because this doesn’t mean that the beer is packed with sugars, as most of the sugar is used by the yeast to create alcohol and carbon dioxide during fermentation.
 **A dark brown liquid derived from the heating of carbohydrates. Caramel is used to supplement the colour from the malt and it also provides some flavour and mouthfeel. 


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Double Brown

Standard Drinks

/ 330ml

Alcohol Content





137kJ / 100ml

Total Carbs

2.4g / 100ml