From the early days of flogging kegs off to bars and restaurants up and down the coast of California, to having the #1 IPA in the USA, Lagunitas has come a long way since the mid-90s. Founded by Tony Magee – a Chicago native and classical inspired musician who played bass in a Reggae band – Lagunitas has now grown to be the 6th biggest craft beer brand in the States, producing over one million hectolitres per year.
But Lagunitas does things a little bit differently. When told  to think outside the box, Lagunitas declares that it doesn’t even have a box. When told to give a man a fish so he can eat for a day, Lagunitas will probably beer-match that with a nice cold IPA. And that’s why people adore the brand. It’s all about intelligent, creative beer lovers who are part of an international tribe. At Lagunitas, great beers are made with the beer-loving community in mind. Lagunitas speaks with their drinkers – not at them – because it’s the beer that does the talking. Beer speaks, people mumble…

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