Tui was first brewed on the banks of the Mangatainoka River in 1889 by entrepreneur Henry Wagstaff who had a passion for great beer and a quality life. For more than 100 years Tui was kept a secret through-out the bars of the Wairarapa and Hawkes Bay until it was released for national distribution in 1998.

Tui now has a loyal following, a reputation built through a history of brewing quality beer and hard-case advertising such as the hugely successful 'Yeah Right' campaign and successful television commercials. The brand typifies kiwi humour but is equally renowned for brewing great tasting beers Tui East Indian Pale Ale (NZ Best Draught, Brew NZ 2009,10,11), Tui  Golden Lager and Tui Dark.

Tui also plays a number of positions in this fine nation’s favourite game - rugby. From supplying local clubs with their magic water to getting the nod from the Super Rugby teams as the after match brew, Tui has been shouting for the boys since 1889.

Ingredients: Water, malted barley, sugar*, hops, caramel**, hop extract
Allergens: Contains gluten from barley.

*Sugar can often be added to beer to add flavour and body. Don’t worry, because this doesn’t mean that the beer is packed with sugars, as most of the sugar is used by the yeast to create alcohol and carbon dioxide during fermentation.
 **A dark brown liquid derived from the heating of carbohydrates. Caramel is used to supplement the colour from the malt and it also provides some flavour and mouthfeel. 

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Standard Drinks

/ 330ml

Alcohol Content



On Tap


143kJ / 100ml

Total Carbs

2.7g / 100ml