DB sponsorships

Why we sponsor and how to apply

Why we sponsor
DB has been 'inspiring good times' for New Zealanders since 1929. We’re hugely proud to be part and parcel of everyday Kiwi life and provide employment around the country. Our brands also provide nearly $5.5m each year in sponsorship to sporting, cultural, charitable, and educational activities in New Zealand, including the ASB Classic, the Crusaders and Hurricanes Super Rugby teams, Queenstown Winter Festival, and Big Buddy.   

And we’d love to help everyone who approaches us for sponsorship - unfortunately our kegs and pockets are not bottomless.

We also have a few legal restrictions. Due to Government legislation we’re unable to support sponsorship requests involving schools; kindergartens; individuals, or amateur teams; offshore activities; blood sports; or from anyone or any group with members under the legal purchase age.

We also like to view our sponsorships as two-way partnerships. We’d rather build a long-term relationship with an organisation than simply get our logo put on flyers.

It’s really helpful for our busy sponsorship team if you provide as much detail as possible in your application. Tell us well in advance what you’re seeking; why and how we can mutually benefit. Be creative too. We don’t just ‘give away’ beer. We’re a professional bunch of people with great marketing, PR, accounting, and brewing experience. So think outside the square – there may be other ways we can help out.

How to apply
If you feel your sponsorship request is the sort of thing we would consider, please fill out our application form. 

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