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Our Beloved Classic

DB Export was founded by Morton Coutts in 1958, as a response to Arnold Nordmeyer’s ‘Black Budget’. The beer was conceived as a result of Morton’s belief that one should ‘let nothing come between a man and a great beer’. The original beer (called DB Export Beer) was a full bodied, easy drinking 5.35% lager; it was so good it won the title of Best Beer in the World in 1968. Over the following decades, DB Export’s family grew. In 1987, Export Dry launched and DB Export was renamed Export Gold. Export 33 arrived in 2008, quickly becoming the top selling low carbohydrate beer in New Zealand. 

Our Quest

Thirsty for Better

DB Export was founded in 1930 by a man named Morton Coutts. It takes a particularly brilliant mind to see the world the way Morton Coutts did. He believed that if you don't have what you need, build it. And if what you need doesn't exist, invent it. It was through this mentality that the DB Export Family was born, going from strength to strength since way back.

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