Flame is brewed to be different. Born from a process called ‘extreme brewing’, Flame was never going to be your average drop. The process begins when malt and hops are subjected to extreme heat, then concentrated to retain the flavour. Then, the brew is crash cooled in sub-zero temperatures. The result? A smooth, easy drinking full strength beer.

Moderately bittered, full-bodied lager style beer, balanced with light refreshing fruity notes, Flame is a weapon on the tastebuds and a favourite of those who appreciate a well-crafted unique beer.

Flame Lager Beer Bottle 15 X 330Ml


Alcohol content
Standard drinks
1.4 (330ml) Icon
12 Pack Cans
15 Pack Bottles

Nutrition Information: Per 100ml
Energy 173kJ
Carbohydrate 2.8g
Sugar <1g
Protein <1g
Sodium 2.4mg