Morton Coutts Award for Innovation relaunches

25 May 2023
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The Morton Coutts Award for Innovation, which many will know as one of the most prestigious in the New Zealand brewing industry, has had a revamp this year with a renewed focus on innovation, a name change, and revised entry criteria.

Now titled ‘The Morton Coutts Award for Innovation’, the new prize has an increased focus on recognising individuals with smart ideas and out-of-the-box innovations, regardless of size or scale.

DB Breweries Managing Director Matt Wilson says: “Kiwis are born innovators, and we believe innovation is worth celebrating. So, if you have had a bright idea, whether it is a simple tweak you made to the way you brew, package or deliver a product, a new process that makes customer service smoother, or a smarter way of running your brewery, it’s your turn to shine.”

The award honours DB Breweries’ founder, Morton Coutts, who was famously innovative. Coutts transmitted the country's first shortwave radio signals across the equator, and developed the process of continuous fermentation in 1953. Continuous fermentation is a ground-breaking method that allows raw materials to be added at one end, while beer is continuously drawn from the other.

Entries open this week for the revamped award as part of the New Zealand Beer Awards, which recognise excellence in beer, beer packaging, beer tourism and sustainability initiatives across New Zealand’s brewing industry. The competition is open to all commercial brewers in New Zealand, and winners will be presented with their trophies and medals at a formal gala dinner at Wigram Airforce Museum on August 5, 2023.

See information about how to nominate a person, a business, or yourself, for the Morton Coutts Award for Innovation here.



*Image by Racool_studio on Freepik