New Odd Company mixed packs make choosing easier

08 Oct 2023
Odd Company Mixed Pk 330Ml Berry

New Odd Company mixed packs make choosing easier

RTD brand Odd Company is mixing things up with a handful of new flavours and two new variety packs, Odd Company Berry and Odd Company Citrus. Launched in time for summer festivities, the berry pack includes Boysenberry & Blackcurrant, Raspberry & Pomegranate, and Grape & Green Apple, with the citrus pack including Lemon Sour, Blood Orange & Lime, and Pink Grapefruit & Yuzu.


The two new mixed packs bring the Odd Company mixed pack offering to three, including the tropical pack launched earlier this year.


Chris Featonby from Odd Company explains the mixed pack strategy: “We know that shoppers have a preference for particular flavour groups so are likely to enjoy a variety of similar flavours. It’s also great if you’re looking to try new flavours but aren’t ready to commit to buying a whole pack of one flavour.”


Odd Company Berry and Odd Company Citrus will be available in liquor stores around New Zealand from next week.


Odd Company Berry Mixed Pack

  • Boysenberry & Blackcurrant: Juicy, sweet boysenberry paired with tart blackcurrant for a dark berry battle on your tastebuds.  Vodka, boysenberry, and blackcurrant mixed with sparkling water.
  • Raspberry & Pomegranate: Tart yet sweet raspberry oddly but perfectly blended with a touch of exotic juicy pomegranate.  Vodka, raspberry, and pomegranate mixed with sparking water.  
  • Grape & Green Apple:  Punchy purple grape complemented by sour green apple for a tangy delight.  Vodka, grape and green apple mixed with sparkling water. 


Odd Company Citrus Mixed Pack

  • Lemon Sour:  A citrus lover’s dream!  Fresh, juicy, and sour like a lemon being squeezed straight into your mouth.  Vodka and lemon mixed with sparkling water.
  • Blood Orange & Lime:  Sweet and tangy blood orange comes together with a zing of lime for the ultimate citrus combo. Vodka, blood orange and lime mixed with sparkling water.
  • Pink Grapefruit & Yuzu:  A bitter sweet symphony of juicy pink grapefruit and zesty yuzu. Vodka, pink grapefruit, and yuzu mixed with sparkling water.