Tuatara now available in cans

28 Sep 2022
Tuatara Optical 6Pkcans

In an evolution Darwin himself might have been proud of, Tuatara has today launched four new brews, Optical Hazy IPA, Reptilian West Coast IPA, Regenerate Hoppy Pilsner and Adapt APA. Like an inspired fish stepping out onto land, two of these brews will be available in cans, representing Tuatara’s first time in this format.


The outstanding new brews launched today will be easily spotted in store with their iconic Tuatara reptile-like third eye designs on the cans and tap badges, and include:



Optical Hazy India Pale Ale will have you relying on all senses to navigate through layers of mango, passionfruit and pineapple flavours, with thick refractions of Citra, Mosaic and Galaxy hops. 

Format: 6x330ml can, 30L keg

RRP: $23.99



Reptilian West Coast India Pale Ale has a bold biscuit base infused with pine, citrus and wild berry notes.

Format: 6x330ml can, 30L keg

RRP: $23.99



A golden straw-coloured pilsner with a simple malt base provides the classic bready aroma, contrasted with bold lime, grapefruit and gooseberry hop notes and moderate bitterness.

Format: 30L keg


A beautiful light-copper coloured pale ale. The subtle nutty malt base balances the citrus aroma, gentle pine notes and moderate bitterness from the generous use of Citra, Simcoe and Amarillo hops.

Format: 30L keg



Sam Forrest, Senior Marketing Manager at DB Breweries, says: “The move to cans was a natural selection for Tuatara, excuse the pun, as the can format continues to dominate the craft market in New Zealand. Almost 60% of craft beer is now sold in cans, with this number up 46% on last year*. From a consumer point of view, convenience is a factor as cans stack easily in the fridge, plus they are easy to chuck in a bag on the way to a BBQ. From our perspective, we’re excited about the extra space available for beautiful and eye-catching designs,” says Forrest.


“But don’t worry, the famous lizard-skin like embossed bottles are not fossils yet – they will continue to exist in the core offering and limited, 500ml seasonal releases,” says Forrest.


Optical Hazy IPA and Reptilian West Coast IPA will be in stores nationwide from October 2022. Regenerate Hoppy Pilsner and Adapt APA will be available in select bars and restaurants from October 2022. 


*Total Scanned Market by Pack Format QTR 31/07/22