The Monteith’s legacy begins in 1868, when Stewart Monteith joined Phoenix Brewery in Reefton as its head brewer and shareholder. During this time, many of the brews produced from the brewery were labelled with the Monteith’s name, and the brewery was commonly known among locals as the ‘Monteith’s Brewery’.

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Stewart Monteith takes full ownership of Phoenix Brewery and continues to produce Monteith’s branded brews.

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The Phoenix Brewery merges with a group of small breweries to form Westland Brewing Company in 1927, headed up by Stewart’s son, William. The brewery continues to produce Monteith’s branded brews.

Westland Brewery


Westland Brewing Company joins Dominion Breweries Group. Westland Brewing Company still produces its own beers, including Monteith’s Ale.

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By 1990, Monteith’s Ale is one of the only remaining brands from Westland Brewing Company. The brewery looks back at its roots and decides to celebrate the Monteith’s family legacy by renaming itself Monteith’s Brewing Company. The name is officially trademarked and ‘Since 1868’ is added to all communications and packaging.

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DB Breweries attempts to close the Monteith’s Brewery in Greymouth and move all production to Auckland and Timaru. The brewery reopens four days later following public outcry around the country demanding that the iconic Monteith’s brand continue to be brewed on the West Coast.

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DB Breweries invests significantly in Monteith’s Brewing Company by building a new look brewery and taproom in Greymouth. The brewery befits its long-standing reputation for producing award-winning beer and cider and firmly stamps Greymouth on tourism maps.


Monteith’s celebrates 150 years of the Monteith's family legacy and their exceptional brews. Monteith’s launches its ‘Brewed for Right Now’ campaign, which looks to the future and celebrates that fact that there is a Monteith’s brew for every occasion.

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