Odd Company

ODD Iridescent Gradient Square LR (002)

Odd Company

Odd beats ordinary

An odd night trumps an ordinary one. To prove it, when was the last time you shared an ordinary story? (Probably never). Or a time you went shopping for an ordinary festival costume? (Didn’t happen). If your party trick is ordinary then no one’s going to laugh out loud, and if the DJ’s playing ordinary music, no one’s going to be flossing on the dance floor. That’s exactly why Odd Company exists. The RTD craze arrived at New Zealand’s shores in early 2020, and the market soon became saturated with alcoholic sodas. We thought an odd drink beats an ordinary one, and hey presto. So while ordinary drinks zig, Odd zestily zags its way into your lovely mouth holes. 

Our odd family of 5

4 was an even number, so to make it odd we’re introducing a new member to the family; The Random One: Odd Company Raspberry Pomegranate and Vodka. But if that isn’t odd enough for your mouth holes, there’s always the Cheeky One: Peach & Passionfruit Vodka, The Fancy One: Cucumber & Lime Gin, The Party Guy: Lemon, Lime & Yuzu Vodka, or The Total Package: Pineapple and White Rum.    

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