Old Mout

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Old Mout

Our most adventurous cider

Old Mout is one of the country’s oldest ciders, although few pronounce it correctly (Clue: it rhymes with fruit). Its story began here in the Moutere Valley 70 years ago, when Wanda Tait decided to set up a cidery in her shed. From humble beginnings an appley empire did grow, now we're taking the cider to new places, and this fruit-based sorcery is not only pretty delicious, it’s pretty award-winning.

The future is fruit.

Old Mout has been working pretty hard on their cider for more than 70 years, but they’re always keen to find new ways to do it better. So be on the lookout as they think up tasty new ways to make fruit more useful in the future. In the meantime, you've got Classic Boysencider, Classic Feijoa, Pear Scrumpy, and Scrumpy with many more to sip at your leisure!

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