Our Quality Processes

Food Safety Standards

At DB, we are committed to consistently delivering the best quality products on the market, and to maintaining standards and systems that are internationally recognised. From beginning to end, our laboratories and tasting panel are constantly testing our products to ensure the highest quality of every single element in our beer - from raw, pure, natural materials, to the final product.

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Our processes are supported through the development of a culture of excellence whereby product and service failures are not accepted at any level of the organisation. This is recognised by having an ISO9001: Quality Managements System, MPI Approved Food Safety Programme, and having attained a Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) standard.

Make the most of your beer

Enjoying a beer - something we do instinctively, but how often do people sip their favourite brew without truly savouring the experience?

Check out some tips from our brewers to make your next taste of liquid gold unforgettable.

Storing your beer

Beer’s greatest enemies are light, age, and heat. To keep beer at its optimum, try to be sun-smart. If it’s summer, keep your beer in the chilly bin – with the lid on – until you’re ready to enjoy it. In winter, keep it in the fridge or its outer packaging until you’re ready to drink it.

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Keep it cool

Most beers benefit from being stored at cool, constant temperatures (12C-20C) before being chilled to around 4C to 8C. Exposure to heat accelerates beer’s aging process, leading to unpleasant ‘cardboard’, ‘honey’, and ‘sherry-like’ characters. A good rule of thumb is enjoy your beer at about the same temperature as the ABV (so 5C for a 5% ABV beer).
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Beer ages gracefully

Like every product, beer has an age limit. With the exception of some high-alcohol, full-flavoured specialty beers, most beers have a shelf life of nine months. While beer is most definitely best fresh, don’t panic if it’s reaching its best before date.

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