Our Vision and Values

We combine our storied past with a clear vision for a better future based on our core values.

There’s something special about DB. Our employees know it, and it has a lot to do with our clear Vision and Values. As a family-owned company, HEINEKEN also has very strong and clear values.

DB’s Purpose is to Brew a Better New Zealand for people, the planet, and our business.

The DB Spirit

The DB Spirit is an important part of what gives us the X-factor - we choose to live every day with this Spirit at the core of what we do, to help us realise our Vision. The DB Spirit originates from the legendary Morton Coutts who always challenged the impossible. He embodies our spirit of innovation and demonstrated this throughout his career as a genius whose breakthroughs revolutionised the brewing industry from the 1950s. Morton’s significant achievements continue to flow through DB’s DNA today and make this company so special.

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DB Values

Living the legendary DB Spirit is achieved primarily through our Values that are aligned with HEINEKEN:

Passion for Consumers & Customers

We are brand-builders who truly understand the needs and desires of our consumers. We brew the highest quality beers and beverages to best serve our customers and win together.

Care for People and Planet

People are at the heart of our company. We can only thrive if all our people, communities, and our planet thrive together - a crucial part of our business purpose to Brew a Better New Zealand.

Enjoyment of Life

We believe that joyful moments shared together are what truly matter. Nothing beats the simple pleasure of sharing a beer, a chat, and laughter with friends.

Courage to Dream & Pioneer

Born in Amsterdam and raised by the world. We set bold ambitions and challenge the status quo with imagination, creativity, and pragmatism to deliver the goods and grow sustainably.