Pure Piraña

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Pure Piraña

Summer is a time for unseriousness. A time for festival goers, floss-dancers and inflatable flamingo owners. These ambassadors of the absurd need to stay refreshed, so Pure Pirana is here to provide them with some seriously unserious refreshment. A range of delicious seltzers designed to help lighten any mood. They’re low sugar, low calorie, natural fruit flavoured and nothing to do with a carnivorous fish. Although they do pack a bite.

Serious flavour, unserious refreshment.

Pure Piraña comes in two flavours, that both pack a bit of a bite. Lime: With a crisp, refreshing zesty lime flavour, Pure Piraña Lime delivers pure citrus sharpness in a low sugar seltzer style. Pure Piraña Raspberry: A subtly sweet option with a clean finish, Pure Piraña Raspberry offers juicy raspberry flavour in an effervescent, dry seltzer style.

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