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We Hatch

Tuatara began as a backyard operation in the hills above Waikanae. It was founded by Carl Vasta, an engineer with the tastebuds of a wine critic. If he needed a shed or a bottler or a tank, he’d just go ahead and build one. Before too long, he’d managed to brew a superb range of brews for his friends under the name Tuatara.

And so we began mixing it up on the Kāpiti Coast!

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On The Move

After over a decade of hard graft, the Tuatara team packed up the trophy cabinet and moved to a fit-for-purpose brewery in Paraparaumu. It's here that we still brew today, with the Tap Room open to all who are thirsty to explore their own beer-drinking evolution.

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A Touch of Gold

Tuatara wins the Brewers Guild of New Zealand Champion Brewery Award for the second time - unheard of! This feat represents a trend of award-winning brews that continues today.

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Joining Forces

Tuatara transitions to DB Breweries ownership, representing one small step for us (in fact, we didn't move anywhere!), and one giant leap for New Zealand Craft beer, with Tuatara brews now available throughout this craft-appreciating country.

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A New Skin

We shed our skin and reimagine what Tuatara looks like with iconic black, Third Eye packaging. Now we look as wicked as the brews we create.

Tuatara Hazy Pale Ale 330Ml 2019

Hazy Days

The new look for Tuatara is accompanied by a fresh, juicy, trendsetting brew - the Hazy Pale Ale. Who would have thought this little lizard-skin bottle would kick off a nationwide phenomenon?! Our Roughneck Hazy IPA and Hazy IPA are created later to ride the Haze Craze. 

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The next evolution

It began with a can. Our liquids keep getting weirder and we come out of our dark scales for a walk in the bright white lights of the Evolution series - launched into cans and taps straight out of the lab. 

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What's Next?

Evolution is a constant process of change and improvement. We've still got our third eye wide open, experimenting here at our Kāpiti site to find the right amount of weird.