• Brewed to perfection

    DB challenges the way the world brews beer. We were the first to introduce the continuous fermentation process and to sell this technology internationally. We were named Champion Brewery in 2010. Our reputation is built on pushing boundaries and creating new beer styles and innovative brands and our journey is not over.

    Brewed to Perfection

  • Innovation

    We’re nimble enough to change the game and respond to new challenges with fresh ideas. We’re primarily a beer business but we anticipate emerging trends and act quickly. We were first in the market with aluminium kegs and cans. We were the first to brew a local dry beer and a micro-filtered beer. More recently we reinvigorated Kiwi interest in premium cider. We are bold enough to lead not follow.

  • “The impossible is that which
      we have not yet learnt to do”


    We have always had our own way of thinking and doing things at DB. This spirit came from Morton Coutts OBE who always challenged the impossible. He is a spirit of innovation for DB. It's our pioneering New Zealand spirit, an ability to give things a go, having the ingenuity to create new ways - always referencing the character of Morton.

    Impossible - Morton
  • World Class Events

    As the world’s most valuable, international premium beer brand, Heineken has been privileged to be associated with many high profile global sporting tournaments. Our ability to successfully support major sporting events has been repeatedly demonstrated from the European Champions League to the 2011 Rugby World Cup and the Heineken Urban Polo in Auckland. Our focus remains on ensuring everyone enjoys Heineken, and the events we are aligned with, responsibly.