Introducing NZ in a bottle: Good & Great

05 Oct 2022
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New Kiwi beverage brand launches with three delicious flavours

Introducing NZ in a bottle: Good & Great

Say hello to a new Kiwi drinks brand, Good & Great, made to celebrate all the things that make our country special. Crafted with natural ingredients including pure New Zealand vodka, crisp sparkling water, natural flavours, and sweetened with locally picked apples, this new modern brand makes beverages that are as refreshing as an onshore ocean breeze. 

Good & Great is available in three variants with classic Kiwi flavours people know and love, in fresh combinations that are fruity and delicious. Made to be enjoyed on slow afternoons in the warm Kiwi sun, the three Good & Great products launching today include:


  • Raspberry & Lime - A summery embrace for your tastebuds, like the perfect sun kissed raspberry on a golden afternoon. Subtly-zesty lime cuts through the succulent berry tang. Light bubbles dance on the palette, tasting like 5pm on a Friday before a three-day weekend.


  • Passionfruit & Pineapple - Tangy passionfruit, with a sweet little bite that tastes like a summer kiss behind the Whangamata surf club. The sweet freshness of juicy pineapple pulls everything together, a perfect marriage of flavours supported with the bubbly hug of sparkling water. 


  • Peach & Pear - The perfect duo, like the feeling of landing a perfectly crisp high five. The humble pear provides a soft, mellow sweetness coupled with juicy, sweet peach to round out the light carbonation frolicking on the tongue.


Fraser Shrimpton, Marketing Director at DB Breweries, talks to the launch of the Good & Great brand: “The concept for Good & Great is ‘NZ in a bottle’,” says Shrimpton.

“We all know that summery feeling when it’s as hot as an oven outside, where barefoot expeditions and ocean swims are a daily occurrence, and around every corner is your new favourite spot. Us Kiwis have it so good, it’s actually pretty great. So we wanted to celebrate that, and Good & Great, a modern brand made for everyday Kiwis, was borne,” says Shrimpton.

“With just 3.5g sugar per 100ml, it has lower sugar than you would find in many traditional RTD products, but still offers loads of flavour. Also, with 100% recyclable packaging and a focus on natural, local ingredients, Good & Great has an ethos that suits New Zealand in 2022,” says Shrimpton.

All three flavours come in 10 x 330ml bottles, RRP $26.99. There will also be a mixed pack of 10 x 330ml cans available for a limited time for those keen to sample all the flavours, RRP $26.99.