The Export Story Morton Coutts 1164X1164 1916

A Brewer is Born

From a young age, DB Breweries Founder, Morton Coutts was always looking to make things better. He believed that if you didn’t have what you needed, you built it. And if it didn’t exist, you invented it. At 12 years old, he had constructed himself a fully-functioning x-ray machine. And at 13, a two-way radio station – making him the first person to send a radio signal across the equator. At 17, and too young to sink a cold one, he took over the brewery.

Continuous Fermentation 1164X1164[2] 1930

The Beginning of Better

Using his proven ingenuity and lateral thinking, Morton created ‘Continuous Fermentation’; a ground-breaking method which enables raw materials to be added to one end, while beer is continuously drawn from the other. Aka, a simply better way to brew. It wasn’t long until the world’s biggest breweries were at his doorstep, wanting a piece of his invention.

Export Bottle 1164X1164[2] 1958

The Black Budget

When the New Zealand government introduced a tax on high quality imported beer, the nation’s favourite brews were pushed out of the reach of the everyday worker. Inspired by the challenge this ‘Black Budget’ presented, Morton knew he could do better.

In 1958, after a couple years of crafting and refining his ‘Continuous Fermentation’ method, New Zealand’s first export-quality beer was born.

Export Bottle Trophy 1164X1164 1960

The Beginning of DB Export

With DB Export came the birth of a saviour – not only had the quality improved but being brewed locally meant the price did too; DB Export avoided the high tax forced on imported beers and great beer returned to the hands of the working class.

DB Export went on to be New Zealand’s first brew to win ‘Best Beer in the World’.

Export Dry 1164X1164[2] 1980

The People's Brew

Throughout the years, Morton Coutts maintained his insatiable thirst to innovate.

When the public demanded something more refreshing and balanced, Morton brewed DB Export Gold.

When the public wanted full flavour, but less carbs, Morton crafted DB Export 33.

And when the public brought on a wine bar fad during the 80’s, Morton liberated beer drinkers with DB Export Dry.

Export Citrus Family 1164X1164[1] 2013

The Beer That Keeps on Brewing

Continuous fermentation was met with continuous innovation, and we came up with DB Export Citrus.

By mixing natural lemon juice with great tasting DB Export lager, we were able to provide yet another way for beer-loving Kiwis to enjoy a lighter brew no matter what the occasion calls for.

Brewtroleum Tanker On Road 1164X1164[1] 2015


We knew it wasn’t enough to just make better beer if we wanted to live up to Morton Coutt’s legacy. We had to make a better world. So in 2015 we made Brewtroleum, a biofuel made from leftover brewing yeast. It cut carbon emissions by 8%, meaning every time Kiwis drank DB Export, they were helping save the world.

SAND AXIS HERO6 RET 1164X1164[1] 2017

Beer Bottle Sand

In 2017 we made DB Export Sand from crushed DB Export bottles to reduce the country’s dependence on beach-derived sand – giving New Zealanders another chance to save the world by emptying a bottle of DB Export.

Export Gold 330 Ml 12 Pack 02 21 (2) 2021

Thirsty for Better

We’re going all in on sustainability and committing to making Export New Zealand’s Most Sustainable Beer.

Our latest refinements include paper labels, reducing a whopping 45,275 kg of plastic entering our landfill each year, plus reducing ink used by 50,000 litres. As well as moving to 100% recyclable, locally sourced carton board packaging. These efforts alone slash our carbon emissions to the equivalent of over 560 return flights from Auckland to Queenstown per year1.


But that’s just the tip of the iceberg we’re helping protect. Watch this space.



History Tile 1157X1157 2022

Beer for Here

Once upon a while ago some people hopped in boats and headed south. They were simply thirsty for better. What they found blew them away. They discovered the greatest beer garden in the world. Otherwise known as New Zealand. All they needed was a beer. So kiwi brewer Morton Coutts came up with DB Export. A beer that was made for here. And here it has been loved ever since. A clean and refreshing lager to make having a drink here in God’s own beer garden better for everyone.

EXG0193 Export Ultra Collateral Corp Web 2130X2130 2023

Export ULTRA

We have unlocked something pretty special with our latest launch, Export Ultra Low Carb Lager.

The new brew is a crisp and refreshing lager that is 99% carb-free, 99% sugar free and contains only 26 calories per 100 ml. Made for Kiwi beer drinkers who appreciate easy-drinking, low bitterness lagers, Export Ultra Low Carb Lager is perfectly balanced with an exceptionally crisp and refreshing finish.